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Baitball Glass Minnow
LiveTarget Baitball Glass Minnow

The revolutionary Baitball series is available in a Glass Minnow as either a Popper (65mm, 75mm) or Jerkbait (110mm, 120mm).

Baitball Crank Profiles
LiveTarget BaitBall Threadfin Shad

Squarebill: 60mm 1/2oz Floating Dives 3-4'

Crankbait: 65mm 5/8oz Floating Dives 10'

LiveTarget Bluegill Crank
LiveTarget Bluegill & Pumpkinseed Crank

Available in 2 sizes these match the hatch cranks are designed to mimic a fleeing baitfish. 

Pumpkinseed Vibration in colour 102
LiveTarget Bluegill & Pumpkinseed Vibration

Available in 3 sizes, featuring raised anatomical features that create an incredibly realistic flashpoint effect.

Crawfish Crank
LiveTarget Crawfish Crank

Available in 3 diving depths, it mimics the exact movement of a crawfish to tempt gamefish with a meal they can't resist.

Frog Hollow Body in colour 500
LiveTarget Frog Hollow Body

Winner of ICAST 2010 best of show soft lure! Available in 3 sizes with anatomical accuracy and detailed colour patterns, it's ideal in heavy cover.

LiveTarget Frog Popper

 The life-like details of this frog, simulated in a fleeing profile, is available in five realistic leopard frog colors.

Pop, Pop, pause... Boof!

Frog Walking in colour 503
LiveTarget Frog Walking

Weightlessly gliding across the surface, with anatomical accuracy and detailed colour, it will attract BIG fish. 

Gizzard Shad in colour 600
LiveTarget Gizzard Shad

The incredible life-like detail and action mimic one of the most prolific baitfish that BIG fish love to eat.

Golden Shiner in colour 208
LiveTarget Golden Shiner

The ultimate lipless rattle bait, perfectly balanced for a ‘retrieve and drop’ style application with powerful harmonic rattles.

Hybrid Shrimp profile
LiveTarget Hybrid Shrimp

This bait earned its name by merging a hard-lure with soft-lure attributes built into a single design.

Mouse - Colour 400
LiveTarget Mouse

The intricate life-like details make this rodent so realistic you’ll swear it is alive. The rat is back, the new LiveTarget Hollow Body Field Mouse.

Mullet Profiles
LiveTarget Mullet

Available in walking, twitch, wake and popper. Its the perfect mix of enticing action and incredible life-like detail.

Natural Metallic
LiveTarget Pinfish

Destined to become your go-to bait, the ultra-realistic 3D profile and anatomical markings accurately replicate the unique appearance of the Pinfish. 

Scaled Sardine Twitch
LiveTarget Scaled Sardine

Available as a twitchbait and wakebait, the Scaled Sardine's  3D life-like scale pattern is created by state-of-the-art precision tooling.

Live Target Shrimp
LiveTarget Shrimp

Pre-rigged soft plastic, precision weighed and a rattle chamber that emits a subtle ticking sound, they're infused with real shrimp scent that no fish can resist. 3" & 4" (4 per pack)

LiveTarget Smelt in colour 201
LiveTarget Smelt

This tool has it all....weight transfer system, rattle chamber, suspension capabilities, speed versatility, deep and shallow plus a smokin’ profile and anatomy.

Spanish Mackerel 933
LiveTarget Spanish Mackerel

These intricately detailed lures are available in 4 sizes (110mm to 160mm) and feature a wide wobbling action to drive fish into aggressive assaults. 

Spanish Sardine 931
LiveTarget Spanish Sardine

Available in 105mm and 135mm, this fish catching machine features a tantalising wiggle and weight transfer system for long and accurate casts.

Rainbow Trout
LiveTarget Trout

These ultimate forage replicas are available in 2 models; the baby Fry and its older adolescent brother, the Parr. Their intricate paint patterns will easily fool river and open water gamefish.