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Wapsi Cyclops Beads

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Bead head flies have became popular for many reasons. For example, when in heavily fished waters the extra weight of the bead head will sink a small fly deeper than it could have been fished previously. As a result, nymph fisherman started using smaller and smaller flies and began catching more fish than before. Also, the added flash from the bead often attracts trout, especially those that have been stocked in public water. Thirdly, the extra weight of the bead reduces the need for split shot on the leader: thus it is easier to cast with fewer tangles. And finally, many bead head flies are very simple in design so they are fast and inexpensive to tie.


24 beads per pack.


Sizes: 1/16",  5/64",  3/32",  7/64",  1/8",  5/32",  3/16".


Colour:  Gold plated, Copper,  Black,  Nickel,  Olive,  Fluro Fire Orange.


Assortment Pack available in brass only.