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Todd Caddis Flies

Teton Caddis Flies
Fluttering Caddis (20024)
Goddards Caddis (20057)
Elk Hair Caddis (20075)
Goulburn River Caddis (200241)
Black Elk Hair Caddis (200751)
Olive Elk Hair Caddis (200752)
White Elk Hair Caddis (200753)
Cream Sparkle Pupa (200891)
Olive Sparkle Pupa (200892)
Grey Sparkle Pupa (200893)
Cream Caddis Lava (200903)
Olive Brown Caddis Lava (200904)
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Individually hand tied on Daiichi hooks, these flies imitate the caddisfly - small moth-like insects with two pairs of hairy membranous wings. The Caddis features include an elongated body with 2 pairs of membranous wings covered in fine hairs, reduced mouthparts and long tapering, filiform antennae.


Available by the box (12 per box)

Patterns: 15 available

Sizes: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 (not all sizes avail in all patterns)