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TFO Axiom II Fly Rods


Engineered to fit the angler (not the other way around), the Axiom 2 fly rod offers the optimization of the three-dimensional approach to casting a fly, hooking a fish and landing it.

The engineering and materials in tha Axiom 11 rod satisfy the broadest range of casting styles and strokes, Whether short and powerful or long and smooth, the rod will accept the caster without the need to adapt stroke to rod action.

Limited Liftetime No-Fault Warranty: available for the life of the original registered owner. No matter how you break it, we will either repair it or replace it - fly rods will cost $45 incl GST per section (except the butt section which costs $80); spin and cast rods will cost $80 incl GST. To activate your warranty, simply fill out the warranty registration card included with your rod, get the retailer to sign it and mail it to EJ Todd. (Please note that if you purchased your rod from a country other than Australia, you will need to liaise with the place of purchase for warranties.)

Model          Length Line Wt. Wt (oz) Pieces
TF-05-90-4 A2 9'0" 5 2.9 4
TF-06-90-4 A2 9'0" 6 3.2 4
TF-07-90-4-A2 9'0" 7 3.4 4
TF-08-90-4-A2 9'0" 8 3.5 4
TF-09-90-4-A2 9'0" 9 4.5 4
TF-10-90-4-A2 9'0" 10 4.6 4
TF-12-90-4-A2 9'0" 12 4.8 4