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Deruzze 55F

 Deruzze 55F
55mm 2.5g Floting

Hybrid Shrimp profile
LiveTarget Hybrid Shrimp

This bait earned its name by merging a hard-lure with soft-lure attributes built into a single design.

Mullet Profiles
LiveTarget Mullet

Available in walking, twitch, wake and popper. Its the perfect mix of enticing action and incredible life-like detail.

EB-R in 0457
Lucky Craft EB-R

Available in 55mm, it is the perfect prawn imitation with a realistic shape and lifelike finish, suitable along the edges of weedbeds or flats.

180 & 200 profiles
Lucky Craft LL Pointer

The 180mm  model is a jointed sinking jerkbait with excellent swimming action and the 200mm model has excellent side-to-side slashing and gliding action.

Wander profile
Lucky Craft Wander 70

A natural swimming bait that moves just below the water surface, rolling its body as it goes. 70mm 6g

Lunkerhunt Straight Up Jig
Lunkerhunt Straight Up Jig

1/2oz Straight Up Jigs™ are sticky sharp. Their patterns mimic baitfish closer than any other vertical jigs available.

Blues Code II & Slim 125
Maria Blues Code

NEW! Blues Code II and Blues Code Slim. Long casting, sinking stickbaits fitted with Owner hooks.

Colour 01H

A very unique lure with a folding rear flap which closes on the cast and opens on the retrieve. Available in 85mm & 115mm

Colour Chart
Maria Fla-Pen BlueRunner

115mm 38g sinking stickbait with a folding rear flap to give this unique lure more action.

Maria Loaded B24D
Maria Loaded

Available in 140mm (floating, sinking & level sinking) and 180mm (floating) wire-through body  and internal ribbing make these strong topwater lures ideal for GTs, Tuna, Spanish Mackerel and kingfish.

Maria Rapido
Maria Rapido F160 & F130

Rapido has an irregular rolling action and a unique swimming action that is effective even when conditions are tough. 160mm 50g Floating. 130mm 30g Floating.

Maria Rapido F230 & F190

New monster size for giant Kings, GT's & Spanish Mackeral.

230mm 100g Floating 230lb Oval split rings.

190mm 65g


Maria Rerise S130 Plug

 130mm Sinking 70gr

Search the deep area with Plug.

GIG 115 profile
Palms GIG 100 & 115

Sinking stickbaits with excellent casting distance and appeal.  

Palms Serras Pencil 170mm

 170mm 43g Floating

Stick and Pencil Minnow
Stick Minnow - Tiemco

The iconic sinking stick minnow has a great reputation for catching bream when the going gets tough