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Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live

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Yamashita EGI OH Q LIVE
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As a result of extensive research undertaken by eging pioneer Yamashita, it has been identified that squid recognise temperature variations in the water. This has led Yamashita to develop a unique Egi Oh Q LIVE squid jig featuring a patented thermo-storage cloth called the 'warm jacket'. The cloth reacts to light (any form of light; sunlight or artifical light) and will maintain its temperature for longer than traditional cloths. With the capacity to hold heat similar to natural fish the LIVE jigs are more successful in attracting squid interest since they can recognise temperature variations when hunting prey. The new material is called 'Tactywarm' which is weaved with a unique thread that is able to change light into heat. It can absorb light from sunlight to artificial light, changing it into thermo energy about 0.5 degree celsius to 1 degree celsius warmer in the water, depending on the conditions.


Yamashita also patented the nose design. It is the thinnest nose available on any of their jigs but does not compromise its strength. This gives it the advantage of minimising water resistance when hopped which gives the jig more action for less effort. The LIVE jerks alot sharper when you lift the rod, generating a much better 'walk the dog' action.  Other features of Egi Oh Q Live include large, flat eyes with a glow edge, super fine spikes, Hyper Direct SUS eyelet to maintain jig strength and protect against breakage or leaks, a knife-edged sinker to reduce resistance in the water, and a strike body to make it easy to retrieve the jig. It also has a much longer casting distance than many other jigs.


Colours: 50+ colours in Regular; 12 colours in Shallow

Sizes: 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 (Shallow only avail in 3.5)

Sink rates: Shallow, Regular


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Watch the YouTube clip below from Yamashita for more details    

Review by Pro-Staffer Nick Martin

As a fishing guide on Sydney Harbour, the collection of squid for bait is very important. Not only is eging challenging and rewarding but it is vital if you want to consistently catch big Sydney Harbour fish. Always assisting me on my eging endeavours is a full complement of squid jigs ranging in shape, size and style tailored to suit a variety of conditions. Whilst all these jigs have a place I constantly find myself drawn to two particular tried and tested squid jigs. They are the Yamashita Range Hunter 1.8B and Egi Oh Q Live 2.5. Here's why:

Sink rate - When eging for southern calamari, the 'action' zone is in the bottom third of the water column so if your jig is not spending the majority of its time in this zone you are giving yourself little chance of success. When squidding Sydney Harbour I take a fairly aggressive approach, drifting large sections of coast line, fanning casts in all direction. This is normally in water between 2 to 10 metres deep. Therefore I need a jig which is heavy enough to counteract the boat and current movement but can also get to the action zone. With a sink rate of around 3.0 to 3.5 seconds per metre these jigs are perfect as they can be used just as well in deep areas as they can in shallow.

Size - I firmly believe that you can catch huge squid on little jigs but you are unlikely to catch small squid on big jigs. So in summer when the squid tend to be smaller, I find myself using the Range Hunter's 1.8B size whilst in winter I tend to lean more towards the Live's 2.5. Because I usually have multiple anglers on board, I can test to see which size and colour is working on any particular day.

Durability - These squid jigs stand the test of time. One of the biggest problems I have faced with cheaper jigs is that the cloth delaminates from the body of the jig. This is never the case with Yamashita jigs and it is always the elusive 'rock squid' or 'weed squid' that claims the lives of my jigs.

Colour and material range - These jigs are available in plethora of colours and materials specifically targeted to different water and light conditions. However instead of going through the entire range, I thought I would mention some all time favourites. In the Live 2.5 when the water is very clear I normally use a natural with a goldbase such as NQSK or if the water is a little bit more cloudy I head to either a pink (BPKP) or an orange (BOKP). With the Range Hunter 1.8B my definitive favourites would be the full body glow models in pink (PFN) or white and pink (RHFN).

Affordability - With squid jigs you get what you pay for. When you buy Yamashita squid jigs you are not only buying a superior product but you are buying confidence. In a game where perseverance and patience pays dividends using the best jigs on the market will give you the confidence on tough squidding days to keep going until you find the squid.

When squidding the Harbour, the Yamashita Range Hunter 1.8B and Egi Oh Q Live 2.5 are definitely my go-to jigs as they not only have a perfect sink rate and size but they come in a wide variety of colours and materials to suit any conditions.