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Yamashita Egi Colour Selection

Yamashita LIVE colour explanition
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Each squid jig is made up of 2 colours, outside cloth colour and undertape (foil) colour.

Here are some helpful tips to guide your colour seclection depending on the weather conditions, squids activity and water colour.


Things to consider with your squid jigs.

1.       -Body type: (Glow, Keimura (UV), Transparent, Plain)

2.       -Undertape colour

3        -Cloth colour



Body Type


This strong long lasting glow body is suitable for low light or dark conditions and dirty water.


This transparent body is suitable in bright conditions and clear water. It has a natural appeal which does not exist in other colours.

Keimura (UV reflection)

A strong colour for deep water or cloudy conditions. This body can turn infrared rays into a unique UV glow (this is an instant reaction and cannot be charged up. It is visible to the squids eye not the human eye).

Rainbow Keimura

A unique stain glass rainbow undertape appearance which produces a mottled UV effect. 

Rainbow Glow

A unique stain glass rainbow undertape appearance which produces a mottled glow effect. 



Undertape colours:

Undertape colours relate to weather / light conditions.

Gold & Silver Tape

It has a very good appeal, strong light reflection, a good choice in bright and sunny situations.

Pink Tape

Suitable in cloudy conditions.

Rainbow tape

A good all round colour

Red Tape

Ideal in low light conditions.

Purple Tape

Suitable for both day and night and low light conditions.



Cloth Colour

Cloth colour relates to water colour and squids activity.

It is always a good idea to start with a bright colour like pink or orange as these colours work best if the squid are active.

If these bright colours do not produce a result it is recommened to change to a natural or darker cloth colour (blue, brown, olive). These natural or darker colours work best if the squid are shut down or not interested in the bright colours.