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Sunline PE Jigger 8 HG

Sunline PE Jigger 8 HG
Sunline PE Jigger 8 HG
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This 8-strand IGFA (International Game Fishing Association) class saltwater High Grade PE jigging line offers exceptional strength for its diameter. The unique, tight braid makes the line virtually impervious to surface damage and reduces guide friction, enabling the jig to fall as fast as possible. Its colour marking system changes every 20m with white markings in the first 10m of each colour and yellow markings in the next 10m of every colour, enabling the angler to know the relative depth and length of the line.


Colour: 20m x 5 colours (Green, Purple, Red, Blue, Orange)

Length: 300m

Line classes: 35lb to 130lb

Made in Japan