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Sunline PE EGI ULT

Sunline PE EGI ULT
Sunline PE EGI ULT
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The ultimate in high performance, developed for thinness and power.

Made with ULT-PE for superior strength, stiffness, sensitivity, and abrasion resistance. Super-sensitive line designed to give you precise, instant feedback of the tiniest action. Moderate stiffness and special coating for outstanding manageability and unbelievably high durability.


Four vivid base colours 15 meters each, marked every 2.5 meters for easy checking of casting, drift, and hit point distances.


Length: 180m 


29900 2.5kg PE 0.3
29901 3.3kg PE 0.4
29902 3.9kg PE 0.5
29903 4.5kg PE 0.6
29904 6.0kg PE 0.8
29905 7.0kg PE 1

Made in Japan