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Snowbee Classic2 Large Arbor Fly Reels

Classic2 Fly Reels
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These superb new reels are precision moulded from glassfibre reinforced nylon, to provide a lightweight, rigid frame, which is totally corrosion proof.
Model: 10560 Classic² #3/4 
The large arbor, open cage design provides fast retrieve and minimal line memory off the spool. 
Backing Capacity: WF4F+50yds 22lb braid 
Spare Spool available: 10560SP 
10560 Classic 2 Fly Reel #3/4
Model: 10561 Classic² #5/6 
The rear control, stacked, multi-disc composite & stainless steel drag system has a smooth, sensitive detent to take the drag smoothly from ‘off’, to ‘maximum’ setting and provides amazing performance for a reel of this price. 
Backing Capacity: WF6F+75yds 22lb braid 
Spare Spool available: 10561SP 
10561 Classic 2 Fly Reel #5/6
Model: 10562 Classic² #7/8 
Available in a full range of sizes from the #3/4 size for river fishing, through the #5/6 and #7/8 for small stillwater and reservoirs, right up to the amazing #9/11 which is exclusive to Snowbee and provides a quality Saltwater reel at a class-leading price, with a powerful drag system to match. 
Backing Capacity: WF8F+ 100yds 22lb braid 
Spare Spool available: 10562SP 
10562 Classic 2 Fly Reel #7/8
Model: 10563 Classic² Saltwater #9/11 
A modern ‘V’ Spool design, gives added backing capacity to all models and this one is no exception. Smart enough to grace many Saltwater rods and a capacity to match, this reel is light for fishing all day long and quite unique in its class.  
Backing Capacity: #10/11 +200yds 22lb braid 
Spare Spool available: 10563SP 
10563 Classic 2 Salmon Fly Reel #9/11