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Palms GIG 100 & 115

GIG 115 colour chart
GIG 100 colour chart
GIG 115 wire through
GIG 100 anti hook out system
GIG 115 profile
GIG 100 profile
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Available in 100mm 28g or 115mm 45g these sinking stickbaits have excellent casting distance and appeal.

GIG 100 100mm 28g sinking.

Excellent casting distance and action. To reduce the chance of anglers losing the fish during the fight or landing, the belly hook-eye is fitted with Palms 'anti hook out system'. Rigged with quality Owner hooks. Available in 10 colours.

GIG 115 115mm 45g sinking.

Distance, strength and action. GIG 115 has three features for fighting with big tuna or kingfish. 45g slim body gives you excellent casting distance. Designed to fall with a natural rolling action. Tough wire through construction for big fish and the 'Anti Hook Out system' is installed.

Rigged with quality Owner hooks.

Available in 6 colours.