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How to take care of live bait.....

Here are the most important requirements in keeping live bait alive, fresh and frisky for better bait presentations and successful fishing. More effective aeration (oxygenation)

Bait continually need more oxygen. Mino-Mizer operates in a different priniciple than the bubble-type aerators. By spraying the water out in a fine mist above the water, atomizing, the Mino-Mizer exposes millions of particles of water to the air, so that it can easily combine with oxygen from the air, thus providing much more effective oxygenation.

Cool water because such a great amount of water is exposed to the air in this atomizing process, a large amount of heat dissipates into the air. Because of this heat loss the tempeature of the water is kept down. Live bait requires less oxygen when the water is kept cool, so that is why Mino-Mizer is the preferred aerator and is more effective at keeping live-bait alive, fresh and frisky.

Appropriate water supply  always use water compatible with the type of bait used: fresh for fresh-water bait or salt for salt-water bait. Never use tap (chlorine) or distilled (no oxygen) water. Bait shop water is desirable. Clean water Change water in container when cloudy or dirty.

Build-up of excrement in water causes fungus, tailrot, clogged gills and death.