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Maria Pencil

Maria Pencil colour chart
Maria Pencil in RHBC
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Maria designers and testers worked with EJ Todd pro-staff in a variety of conditions and locations to develop a range of hardbodies perfectly suited for Australian waters. The Maria Pencil is one of these hardbodies and as with the full range, comes standard with Owner ST-36 hooks so it can be fished at a tournament level straight out of the box. Other hardbodies in this range include the Maria Shad, the Maria Jerkbait, the Maria Crank and the Maria Vibe.


The Maria Pencil (MP-1 55F) is fitted with small glass rattles and one big rattle in the body, creating an enticing fish calling melody. With a tail down posture when paused it has increased hook setting potential. It has a small, fat body designed to achieve long distance casts with an easy walk the dog action - an action comparable to that of much larger lures.  


Colours: 15 colours

Length: 55mm

Weight: 4.9g

Buoyancy: Floating

Diving Depth: 0m

Made in Japan