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Maria Crank

GK MARIA Deep Crank 38mm
Maria Crank SS new colours
Maria Crank 38mm colour chart
Maria Crank 45mm colour chart
Maria Crank Shallow
Maria Crank Deep
Maria Crank SS
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Maria designers and testers worked with EJ Todd pro-staff in a variety of conditions and locations to develop a range of hardbodies perfectly suited for Australian waters. The Maria Crank is one of these hardbodies and as with the full range, comes standard with Owner ST-36 hooks so it can be fished at a tournament level straight out of the box. Other hardbodies in this range include the Maria Pencil, the Maria Jerkbait, the Maria Shad and the Maria Vibe.


The Maria Crank is available in 2 sizes and 3 diving depths (Super Shallow, Shallow and Deep). It combines a fat, full-cheeked body with excellent casting distance and a pro tuned action. It's fitted with fish attracting internal low sound rattles that will call shy fish, and the lip has a superb shape and angle to pass obstructions with an active motion. The cranks cast like bullets and incorporate a tight swimming action that is irresistable to Australian fish. They run true straight out of the box and can be retrieved in strong current without issues as well as at reasonably high speeds. They are a floating variety which allows them to be worked through snags by banging their bibs into the timber or by allowing them to float up over the roughest stuff. When paused in the water column they appear almost motionless and this is when they will often be hammered by target species.


Colours: 18 colours  (not all colours avail all sizes)

Lengths: 38mm, 45mm

Weights & Diving Depths:  38mm Super Shallow (MC-1 SS38F):  4.2g,  0.3m to 0.8m

                                                   "       Shallow (MC-1 S38F):  4.2g,  1.3m to 1.5m

                                                   "       Deep (MC-1 D38F):  4.5g,  1.8m to 2.0m

                                                45mm Super Shallow (MC-1 SS45F):  5.5g,  0.8m to 0.9m

                                                   "       Deep (MC-1 D45F):  6.2g,  1.8m to 2.0m

Buoyancy: Floating

Made in Japan