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Maria Blues Code

Blues Code II colour chart
Blues Code Slim 125mm colour chart
Blues Code II internal weight moving system
Blues Code Profiles
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The Blues Code stickbait is a sinking lipless minnow. There are many effective retrieve methods for the Blues Code including: twitch and pause, slow wind, fast wind, sink and hop and jerking. Not having a lip increases casting distance and enhances the natural swimming action. The V-type model has a heavy fixed weight for long casting distance whereas the C-type is lighter but fitted with a weight moving system. This lighter model has more action in the water and also has a slower sink rate - ideal for use in shallow water such as shallow reefs.  Both models are fitted with Owner hooks.


C-Type (weight moving system):

90mm 15g sinking

110mm 24g sinking

125mm Slim 21g sinking


V-Type (fixed weight):

125mm Slim 28g sinking


Made in Japan