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Lucky Craft Flat CB

FLAT CB D-20 AU colour chart
Flat CB colour chart
Flat CB in aurora gold
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The Lucky Craft Flat is available in 75mm D-12 (diving depth of 12 feet, 22g) and 75mm D-20 (diving depth of 20 feet, 23.5g)


These 75mm floating crank baits have a weight moving system that shifts the tungsten weight to the rear of the lure to get maximum distance each cast without losing control and a powerful rolling action is achieved by a low centre of gravity which also produces an excellent flashing effect. The most notable feature of these baits is the optimised oscillation rate achieved by their slender body designs. 


The D-20 is now available in the AU series which features strong Decoy W-77 trebles. Ideal for big cod or barramundi. 


Made in Japan