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Lucky Craft EB-R

EB-R in 0457
EB-R colour chart
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The Lucky Craft EB-R is the perfect prawn imitation with a realistic shape and lifelike finish. It sinks in a horizontal position and includes a tungsten weight. Casting close to structure and letting them drop is a good presentation as they will usually get hit on their way down. If not, let them settle and wait a few seconds then retreive them in a prawn like manner with a few light lifts or twitches to make them hop, leave a few seconds in between hops. Fitting W hooks reduces snagging so they can be effectively worked on the bottom. Suitable for use along the edges of weedbeds or flats. The retrieve can be more jerky to imitate a fleeting prawn. Deadly for bream and also for flathead and whiting in the shallows.


Colours: 6 colours

Length: 50mm

Weight: 4.3g

Buoyancy: Sinking

Made in Japan