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Lucky Craft Bevy Popper

Bevy Popper colour chart
Lucky Craft Bevy Popper in impact yellow
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An advantage of the Poppers and feathers is that they create ripples that extend over a wide range. Normally a lure has the most impact on fish the moment it 'lands on water' but with Poppers and single feathers this impact is also achieved every time you apply a strong action to the lure through the rod.  These lures are effective near walls, rock beds and other vertical geographical features. As long as sound is produced, the lure makes it easy to draw the attention of fish even in a location where the upward field of view is obstructed by nearly 50% with the existence of a wall, or even in a location such as rock bed where a slightly complicated wall structure creates an obstruction.


Colours: 14 colours

Length: 48.5mm

Weight: 4.2g

Buoyancy: Floating

Made in Japan