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Lucky Craft Bevy Minnow

Bevy Minnow colour chart
Bevy Minnow in Ghost Minnow
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Lucky Craft Bevy Minnow is a small minnow fishing lure that's ideal for targeting trout, bream and bass. You can use this type of lure in a wide range of applications, such as letting them float to attract fish or agitating the fish seeing the lure. The Bevy Minnow 40 is in length and the Bevy Minnow 45 .


Colours: Aurora Black*, Chartreuse Shad, Chrome Olive, Ghost Minnow, MS American Shad*, Salmon Egg*  (38mm only)

Size: 40mm (2g),  45mm (2.5g)

Buoyancies: Suspending (40mm),  Floating (45mm)

Diving Depth: 1ft

Made in Japan