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LiveTarget Pinfish

LiveTarget Pinfish 901
LiveTarget Pinfish 901
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The LiveTarget Pinfish is a must have for inshore and coastal anglers. When Pinfish roam the grass flats during their annual migrations, this lipless rattlebait is the lure of choice for hardcore anglers. The tight wiggle and enticing rattle create an irresistible bait for many target species. Destined to become your go-to bait, the ultra-realistic 3D profile and anatomical markings accurately replicate the unique appearance of the Pinfish. Saltwater predators love Pinfish and you will too after battling the fish of a lifetime with the LiveTarget Pinfish.


  • Natural Matte (901)
  • Natural Metallic (902)


  • 65mm (7/8oz)
  • 75mm (1oz)
  • 95mm (11/8oz)

Buoyancy: Sinking