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LiveTarget Frog Hollow Body

Frog Hollow Body colours
Frog Hollow Body in colour 500
Frog Hollow Body in colour 502
Frog Hollow Body in colour 503
Frog Hollow Body in colour 510
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Winner of best soft plastic lure at ICAST 2011! Weightlessly gliding left and right across the surface, the LIVETARGET® frog series has all the attributes to attract BIG fish. Anatomical accuracy with front arms that make this lure especially stand out, detailed colour and effortless action make this a first to the market, elevating the thrill of topwater fishing to a whole new level. Use the hollow body in heavy cover. Twitch, Twitch.....SPLASH!

Colours: 4


  • 45mm (1/4oz)
  • 55mm (5/8oz)
  • 65mm (3/4oz)

Buoyancy: Floating