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LiveTarget Crawfish Crank

Crawfish Crank
Crawfish Crank Colour Chart
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Available in Shallow, Medium and Deep diving depths. It's a blend of an effective cranking tool with an appetising hatch that will easily fool feeding gamefish. Approaching predators fall victim to the life-like profile and detail of this fleeing craw. The lip design and intricate internal structure are designed to travel through thick cover and softly deflect objects with an accurate recovery. The combination of its wide wobble and smooth roll offers incredible performance and generates explosive strikes.

Colours: 7 colours

Shallow: 52mm 3/8oz Floating Dives 3-5'

Medium: 52mm 3/8oz Floating Dives 6-8'

Deep: 65mm 5/8oz Floating Dives 13'+

Fitted with DAIICHI Japanese made hooks

Available in 3 diving depths, it mimics the exact movement of a crawfish to tempt gamefish with a meal they can't resist.