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LiveTarget Bluegill & Pumpkinseed Crank

LiveTarget Bluegill Crank
LiveTarget Bluegill Crank
Bluegill Crank colour chart
Pumpkinseed Crank colour chart
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The LiveTarget Bluegill Crankbait is as exciting to anglers with a passion for the art of crankbait fishing as it is irresistible to bass and yellowbelly. Astute anglers will value the natural shape and refined swimming action, designed to mimic an isolated baitfish frantically fleeing from a predator. Precision tooling provides unrivalled detail in the body and is finished with a cutting edge multi-layered paint process to make it come alive.

Sizes: 57mm (1/4oz),  82mm (1oz)

Diving Depths: 5-6ft (57mm),  6-7ft (82mm)

Buoyancy: Floating

Fitted with Daiichi hooks.