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Snowbee Base Layer Thermal Underwear

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This highly elastic material fits closely to the body profile, to allow maximum wicking performance. Once perspiration has been transferred away from the skin to the mid layer, the breathable outer garment can get to work to transfer it through the breathable membrane to the outside, keeping you dry and warm in the harshest conditions. 

Trials have shown this new underwear to be one of the lightest, warmest and most comfortable we have ever tried. Guaranteed to keep you warm and dry in the worst weather the elements can throw at you. 
Two-layer knitted fabric - polyamide inside, pure cotton outside.
The permeable loyamide innere layer wicks moisture quickly away from the skin, to the outer layer.
The cotton outer layer soaks up perspiration to allow rapid evapaoration.
Material: 55% Cotton, 45% Polyamide  
Colour: Marl 
S- To fit 36-38" chest / To fit 32-34" waist 
M- To fit 38-40" chest / To fit 34-36" waist 
L- To fit 40-42" chest/ To fit 36-38" waist 
XL- To fit 42-44" chest/ To fit 38-40" waist