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N.S Amped Offshore Rods

Amped Offshore
Amped Offshore
Amped Offshore
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Following the success of the NS Amped series, we decided to bring out a range to target the larger fish here in Australia with the same value for money that the original amped range offers. Two major types of rods were designed, jigging and casting. Everything from floating baits for snapper, casting poppers for GT’s or dropping big metal jigs to the depths for monster kingies can be done with the right NS Amped offshore rods.


All the models 7” or longer are 2pc with the join in the top of the foregrip, making for easier transport without loss of action. The guides are all larger sized Fuji ‘k’ tangle free frames which allow all manner of knots to be used. Full EVA grips were used so that anglers can use them in rod holders without scratching and damaging the blank which can happen with split rear grips.  The rubber fighting butt of the rod has slots for use with a gimble if required.



They are a great series of rods that will suit a wide range of fishing. They are light, powerful and very affordable.


OFFSHORE available in:

S-702H PE:2-4 20-80g

S-722XH PE:4-6 40-110g

S-762XXH PE:5-8 60-150g

S-762XXXH PE:6-10 100-200g - GT popping rod


JIGGING available in:

S-54 PE:3-6 150-300g

S-63 PE:3-6 180-350g 

S-52 PE:4-8 250-400g

B-54 PE:3-6 150-300g


RRP from $300