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Snowbee XS Large Arbor Fly Reels

Reel in titanium and black
XS Large Arbor drag system
XS Large Arbor in titanium
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These large arbor fly reels are great for faster retrieves and reduced line memory, and are fitted with a powerful, silky smooth drag system with a class leading 22.6cm drag surface area. They have 3 polished stainless steel drag discs, with 'Broflon' drag washers, giving them resistance to the kind of temperatures that would destroy most other conventional cork or PTFE drag systems. They are machined from solid bar stock Aerospace grade aluminium with all stainless steel parts and have an anondised finish for total chip and saltwater resistance. The reels have an easy left to right hand conversion.  You can also convert your existing XS780 reel to a retro-fit XS Cartridge reel with the XS780 spool head.  Each XS reel and spare spool comes in a quality reel case.  The reels are covered by a five year guarantee.


Colours: Black, Titanium

Sizes: 340, 560, 780, 910, 1112

Diameters, Widths, Line Classes, Reel Weight

     340:  3.15"/80mm,  0.78"/20mm,  3-4wt, 145g

     560:  3.66"/93mm,  1.18"/30mm,  5-6wt,  170g

     780:  3.75"/95mm,  1.3"/33mm,  7-8wt,  180g

     910:  3.94"/100mm,  1.38"/35mm,  9-11wt,  190g

     1112:  4.17"/106mm,  1.38"/35mm,  11-12wt,  205g

Spare Spools available

Retro fit spool and one cartridge available in 780 black or titanium.