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LiveTarget Spanish Sardine

Spanish Sardine colours
Spanish Sardine 931
Spanish Sardine 981
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Whether casting or trolling the LiveTarget Spanish Sardine, anglers around the world are in for a real treat. Featuring a weight transfer system for long and accurate casts, the Spanish Sardine is a fish catching machine. With its tantalising wiggle, life-like facial detail, and ultra-realistic finishes, you never know which gamefish will attack this lure next. Kingfish, Barramundi, Tuna are just some of the species that will find this lure hard to resist. The question is, how many different gamefish will you catch with the LiveTarget Spanish Sardine?


  • Silver Blue (931)
  • Silver Blue Green (981)


  • 105mm (5/8oz)
  • 135mm (11/16oz)

Buoyancy: Floating

Diving Depth: 4'