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Lucky Craft Sammy

Sammy 65 new colours
Sammy 55 colour chart
Lucky Craft Sammy colour chart
Lucky Craft Sammy in impact yellow
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The rounded body shape of the Lucky Craft Sammy produces a smooth 'walk the dog' action with the water-spitting action of a popper and controls the dive when landing so spooky fish are not frightened off.  A tail down posture when paused helps increase hook ups and gives the lure alot of action within a short distance. It casts long, hitting the water without diving and the glass rattles really call 'em in. The Sammy is the number one choice throughout the world and its continued success comes down to its quality materials and manufacture plus fish calling action. Its fishability and its catch rate are second to none.


Available in 55mm, 65mm & 85mm



6 colours available in 55mm

32 colours available in 65mm

13 colours available in 85mm


Sizes: 55mm (4.0g), 65mm (5.8g),  85mm (12.6g)


Buoyancy: Floating

Made in Japan