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Lucky Craft FlashMinnow

Lucky Craft Flash Minnow 65
Flash Minnow 110SP AU BARRA
Lucky Craft Flash Minnow in 238
Lucky Craft Flash Minnow 55 colour chart
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The Flash Minnow series has a classic minnow look; a slim narrow body that is incredibly lifelike. It has excellent casting distance due to a built-in weight shifting centre system and the erratic action when jerked is number one in the industry. Twitching, jerking, ripping and reeling make it irresistable to fish but the real fish catching feature is the wobbling vibration given off when the bait is stopped and suspending. Made specifically for the 2-3 foot range the FlashMinnows are perfect for working flats and points.


Flash Minnow110SP AU Barra : Designed specifically for Australian Barra these lures are all fitted with 3 x strong Decoy W-77 trebles and proven fish catching colours.

110mm (16.5g Dives 0.5ft) Slow floating in saltwater.


Flash Minnow 65: 

65mm (3.8g Dives 1ft) Suspending


Flash Minnow 55:

55mm (2.8g Dives 1ft) Suspending


Made in Japan