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Lucky Craft Bevy Shad

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Lucky Craft Bevy Shad 50FC & 60FC is the most versatile lure in the range, it can catch everything from trophy Bream, Bass, Perch, Flathead and Trout.


What makes this lure stand out from the rest is its ability to dive down to its maximum depth (5ft – 6ft) quickly and suspend perfectly when paused with a nose down posture. This is perfect when you are working deeper drop-offs and channels as you can get it down to the depth quickly and have your lure in the strike zone for longer.


The bevy shad is equipped with internal glass rattles that will draw curious fish in from a distance. Again, like the other models in the range, the Bevy Shad colour range has been chosen for Australian fishing conditions. Just tie one on, cast, twitch, jerk and pause, and this lure will speak for itself.


Colours: 10 colours available (not all colours avail in all sizes)

50FC, 51mm, 3.5g, Diving depth 5ft

60FC, 58.5mm, 4.6g, Diving depth 5ft

Buoyancy: Suspending


Made in Japan