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LiveTarget Shrimp

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Live Target Shrimp
Live Target Shrimp
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Live Target Shrimp is incredibly lifelike, and replete with a number of lively appendages that produce a natural swimming movement. All of the Live Target soft plastic Shrimp's come pre-rigged with a premium hook, precision weighting system, and a rattle chamber that emits a subtle ticking sound. For even more attraction, the Live Target Shrimp is also infused with real shrimp scent to provide a smell and a taste that no fish can resist. Great for salt or freshwater, the Live Target Shrimp is one crustacean that will have anglers and fish both drooling. 

Colours Available:

  • Sand Shrimp (910)
  • Glass Shrimp (911)
  • White Shrimp (912)
  • Glow Shrimp (913)
  • Brown Shrimp (914)
  • Pink Shrimp (915)
  • Grass Shrimp (918)
  • Clear Shrimp (919)

Sizes: 3" (75mm, 1/4oz) and  4" (100mm, 1/2oz)

Buoyancy: Sinking

Sold 4 per packet