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Snowbee XS Neutral Density

Snowbee XS Neutral Density profile
Snowbee XS Neutral Density
Snowbee Fly Lines
Snowbee XS Neutral Density
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The same profile as the Snowbee XS Weight Forward floating line, but in a natural, non spooking, mustard colour. Perhaps as yet, the most under used and underrated line in the entire Snowbee range. The super slow, uniform sink rate, is designed to ‘hang’ just sub surface, where some would say is the very best place to be. Too many lines sink quickly below those invisible subsurface cruisers, often just out of sight, and of course those easily spooked Sea-Trout on the rivers too. 


Colour: Mustard

Length: 90ft

Line Weights: 5wt to 9wt

Sink Rate: 1.14 to 1.86 ips (inches per second)

Type: Weight Forward Neutral Density