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Clear flexible coating designed to build flexible fly bodies.

Solarez UV-Resin Flex Formula

5gr tube & 2oz Bottle. UV cure.

Solarez UV-Resin Thick Hard Glow

 Size: 2oz Bottle. Glow UV cure.

Solarez UV-RESIN Thin-Hard Formula

 Size: 5 gram tube & 2oz (59ml) bottle. UV cure.

Wapsi Fly Head Cement

Head Cement is available in Water based & Gloss Coat.

Wapsi Jar with Brush

This application jar with attached brush makes applying cement easier.


This is thick powerful, but flexible glue that bonds virtually everything.

Zap-A-Gap Brush On

This one has a brush integrated in the cap for a easy and no waste application of glue.

ZAP-A-GAP Green & Pink Label

ZAP A GAP  - Green & Pink Label  is the best selling instant glue in the world.